Koenecke Genealogy
Us in 1999
Back row (L to R): Tom holding Erin and Rose, Mary Antoinette Bravo Koenecke and Richard LeRoy Koenecke, Betsy, Cary, Jane, and Mike. Front row (L to R): Katie holding Connor, Trish and Michael with Abby, Jack and Will (in the matching plaid shirts), and Dave and Maggie.

This is a 1999 photo of the Dallas branch of the Koenecke clan (as far as we know, we're the Dallas branch). This was
taken at a 40th Anniversary celebration weekend for Dick and Mary Ann Koenecke. Unfortunately, this is the best three-generation picture we have, though other grandchildren of Dick and Mary Ann (Joe and Nick, Rachel, and Drew) showed up in the years after that.

I got a typed Koenecke genealogy from my sister Katie, and transcribed it into a nice PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file. The only information I changed was a few instances where someone's name was spelled differently in two different places (e.g., "Marsha" versus "Marcia" Koenecke): in that case, I went with one of the spellings. I also added some information about my parents, my sisters, and our children. The original one was fine, but it's not searchable. The one I have here is, so if you want to find, say, "George Ludwig Koenecke" just search for that text.

I also added hyperlinks to click back and forth between the two places some names appear; e.g., I show up there as the son of Richard LeRoy and the father of David Anthony (and of course Megan Marie, but her last name is Colonnetta now). I am uploading this for my relatives' reference, and I hope so that people can send changes and updates, and we can all have a better idea of where we came from and who we are related to.

To view  the file, click on this link: Koenecke Genealogy Version 2.7 (July 4, 2022). NOTE: you can view it in your browser, but for best use download it to your own machine by right-clicking on it and choosing "Save Link" or the equivalent in your browser.

(It's "version 2.7" because I have been adding and correcting information from time to time. There is a revision history for the file on the last page. Please send me any corrections and updates!)

If you want to check my work, the scanned file I worked from can be downloaded from here: Original Scanned Version.

I will update this site when I update the file. Please let me know any errors, additions, corrections, or just extra useful information by e-mailing me at mike ("at" symbol goes here) koenecke.us . Thanks, cousins.

-- Mike Koenecke


I recently received this from a member of our Koenecke clan. Unfortunately, she and her grandfather do not appear in this genealogy, and I could not come up with any information for her.

"Hi! My name is Kathy L. Koenecke Pirman.My brother, William I. Koenecke, and I are trying to find out more information about our grandfather, William Henry Koenecke.We know very little about our grandfather as he died in the 1940’s. He was married to Helena Elizabeth Brandt and had two children, Fleta Grace Koenecke Rauh and William Louis Koenecke, our father.About all our father was able to tell us about his father was that he thought he was from Illinois and he and my grandmother moved to Beatrice, NE at some point, where my father was born in 1908.They lived for a time in Kansas.Our father married our mother, Marian L. Mynster in 1945 and had 3 children.My younger brother Marvin L. died in 1975 from a football injury.Both of our parents have passed now. Dad in December 1987 and Mom November 2005.We are very interested in locating any information which may help us in making ancestral connections and possibly getting in contact with family.We know our grandfather had sibling(s) from names that Dad remembered hearing about and that the Koenecke family was originally from Germany.If you could help us out that would be wonderful. Both of my father’s parents were buried in Beatrice, NE. Thank you for any information you would be willing toshare with us."

Kathy can be contacted at grmame@aol.com, so if you know anything about William Henry Koenecke, let her know. If he (or she) can be grafted on to the genealogy of our branch of the Koeneckes, let me know.

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